Mickoski and companions experience their return to Parliament, mostly gently said, as humiliation, so they have decided to resort to cheap tricks, as is the vote of confidence on the government. This coincides also with the Prime Minister’s plans for reconstruction of the Government. Whatever Zaev does with the government in this period, Mickoski (read:

Which recommendations on the election system and revisions in the Electoral Code has CIVIL handed to the Justice Minister Bilen Saliji, last Monday? What are the findings and analysis of CIVIL’s local elections monitoring, that need to be addressed urgently? Is there any sense to talk about election issues now, and not at the last

I do not doubt the good intentions of Prime Minister Zaev to save the Albanians from themselves. But, it is the choice of tools that is not so good. And, as bad as his choice may be, it is inevitable. He has to save the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) at the local level, in

Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL – Center for Freedom yesterday met with Zoran Zaev, President of SDSM, with the purpose for them to mutually get informed from first hand on the current activities and efforts for overcoming the crisis in the country.

At today’s meeting of the chief of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, with civil society organization in Republic of Macedonia, in the capacity of representative of the working group on freedom of expression, media and electoral reforms, the President of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, Xhabir Deralla, spoke about the situation with the media and early parliamentary

At the debate organized by CIVIL, leaders of 11 political parties, political initiatives and parties in formation, which are not part of the negotiations for implementing the Przino Agreement, presidents, vice-presidents, former and current MPs – all shared their views concerning the political situation, the negotiations on the reforms, and on whether the conditions for

In his speech given at the Conference of the Union of Women of VMRO-DPMNE, party leader Nikola Gruevski poured an avalanche of accusations and threats against the opposition, against his critics and against the international community. In this speech, it seemed as if Gruevski was competing with himself. Aggressive, enraged and full of hate, Gruevski

Low, vulgar, manipulative and full of hate speech is the latest attack against CIVIL conducted by the government controlled media, led by one of the national broadcasters TV Sitel. On August 5, TV Sitel launched a new series of ferocious attacks on CIVIL and has accused and insulted its person in charge Xhabir Deralla. Here, we