BURST VMRO go stand in the corner

Mickoski and companions experience their return to Parliament, mostly gently said, as humiliation, so they have decided to resort to cheap tricks, as is the vote of confidence on the government. This coincides also with the Prime Minister’s plans for reconstruction of the Government. Whatever Zaev does with the government in this period, Mickoski (read: Gruevski) will present it as VMRO’s successful pressure.

By: Xhabir Deralla

The dirty political game is again in SDSM’s courtyard, which just cannot seem to start off the initiative. It is constantly bringing itself in a situation of defending itself, of repairing the damages, of creating a human shield right next to its goal. And there are reasons precisely for the opposite – for VMRO to be dealing with itself day and night, and not to be consolidating and continuing with its viciousness.

The issue of the responsibility of the party leadership of the nationalistic VMRO-DPMNE for the 11-year pogrom on democracy has been absolved long ago. The alarming issue of the responsibility of this party and as the largest opposition party remains open.

But, what is happening? For every little issue, Zaev convenes leaders’ meetings, usually closed for the public. At which, as far as I know, there are no representatives from other parties. Well, all right, Zaev doesn’t even have who to invite on his side at such meetings – his main coalition partner is the Albanian branch of VMRO-DPMNE…Now reinforced by Amdi Middle Finger and other creatures…

This is a time when the state and society are facing difficult consequences from VMRO-DPMNE raging regime, when important decisions have to be made and complicated and painful reforms need to be carried out. And when the criminals need to be held responsible. But instead, the structures that serve as accomplices to those criminals, are practically participating in the governing of the state.

In other words, the Prime Minister has no obligation to consult with Mickoski. There is no reason why he should be trying to win him over and convince him of anything. Mickoski is a discredited leader of a discredited party, and one that is in opposition. Zaev and his government are responsible for leading the state, for making all decisions, both popular and not so popular ones. He has to bear that responsibility by himself, with all the benefits and all the distresses that responsibility entails.

The opposition is here to participate in the political life and to criticize or contribute. Whatever the opposition may choose, its main goal is to return to power, especially this kind of opposition. Why the governing party and its super-popular leader are trying to save the party that is pushing itself into quick sand is not quite clear, but it definitely could be disastrous. For the government and for the state.

When I(we) was proposing impeachment for the ficus-president and examination of his work ability, nobody even tried listening to us. When I(we) were demanding for justice to be carried out, we were told that justice is slow, but that it would come. Three years without justice are also three years without peace. And that is too much even for the slowest justice.

Why am I saying this? Not even now will Mickoski-Gruevski and companions succeed in destroying the government, but they will make it lose precious time to respond to the attacks. Time that is needed to lead the state and its healing from the disease that was caused precisely by the party that is now demanding a vote of confidence. Hence, precious time needed for justice will be spent.

How many more criminals will be leaving the country with suitcases filled with money that the Family stole from the people? More precisely, did not steal, but rather grabbed. They are walking around with smiles on their faces, with full stomachs, with underwear that costs 500 euros, while thousands of families do not have anything to eat today. Try not eating and turning off the electricity and water for one day. You will see what kind of life thousands of children in Macedonia have – every day.

It is time to solve these and countless other problems for which VMRO-DPMNE did not only not care about, but is also responsible for, and now will be consumed on dealing with their conditioning in Parliament. Unbelievable, but true.

A few days ago, Zaev offered lessons in economy to Mickoski and his people. I am sure he can teach them other types of lesson as well. It is time he taught them lessons, regardless of whether they will be good students or not. And it is well known that bad students go standing-in-the-corner.


Translated from Macedonian by: Natasha Cvetkovska

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