A lesson on political dialogue

At the debate organized by CIVIL, leaders of 11 political parties, political initiatives and parties in formation, which are not part of the negotiations for implementing the Przino Agreement, presidents, vice-presidents, former and current MPs – all shared their views concerning the political situation, the negotiations on the reforms, and on whether the conditions for holding free elections have been met.

By: Petrit Saracini

By: Petrit Saracini

Eleven people came, from different ethnic backgrounds, with different ideologies and beliefs, and showed that it is never too crowded, nor is there lack of time for a decent and argumented debate. Their views were better argumented and more reasonable than those of the political major parties standing on different sides of the barricades, and especially of the government, which are dominating in the public for years.

Almost for two hours, without accusations and labeling among each other, with mutual agreements, but also many disagreements, various opinions and proposals – such a debate among politicians is rarely seen in Macedonia. As Xhabir Deralla noted, these parties showed that they are not “small” at all. On the contrary.

Of course, only a few media will report on this event, the ‘expected‘ 3-4 TV stations, 1-2 newspapers, several websites. You will not be informed on this kind of events from most of influential media or from the public broadcasting service. They show other, adult films, for “big” boys. But, the truth is like an awl, isn’t it?

As the young man with the crystal ball would say – it is possible. This society can produce other values as well, besides the “cemented” ones from Przino, which are slowly turning into poetry on toilet paper.
Only two things are missing: to have the “small” ones, in association with citizen movements and the citizens, realize their real strength and make use of it.  And, of course, if we could have the “big” learn something from the “small”, and then all of us, big and small, “us” and “them”, would be much happier.


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