REFORMS CIVIL: Have we learned the lessons?

Which recommendations on the election system and revisions in the Electoral Code has CIVIL handed to the Justice Minister Bilen Saliji, last Monday? What are the findings and analysis of CIVIL’s local elections monitoring, that need to be addressed urgently? Is there any sense to talk about election issues now, and not at the last moment? Is there a pilot in the State Elections Commission (SEC)? Do members of the SEC deserve apanage?

These are only some of the questions that CIVIL will try to answer at the launch of the publication “Free Elections: Lessons Learned” tomorrow (Thursday, February 15) in Public Room (50th Divizija 22), beginning at 13h.

Deputy German Ambassador, Marco Acquaticci will give a speech at the event. The presentation will be offered by Xhabir Deralla of CIVIL, who will present the findings and analysis of the organization. The focus will be on the recommendations to the Government, political parties, media and other stakeholders in the country. When it comes to CIVIL’s events, it is unnecessary to mention that representatives of media and guests are welcomed to make interventions and pose questions at the event. After the presentation, CIVIL invites its guests for a modest cocktail and socializing.

“In spite of the title of the publication that leads to lessons learned, we will rather speak about lessons that have not been learned” – announced Deralla of CIVIL.

The event is open for the representatives of the government, media, political parties, civil society organizations, international community and interested citizens.

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