(VIDEO) Ferdinand Nikolla, security expert: The attack in Kosovo has lot of characteristics of how mercenary groups operate, one of them being Wagner
Hate speech, lies and threats against Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL
Pendarovski should say which parties and figures cooperate with Russian services
Euractiv: Kosovo could face imminent Western sanctions
(SELECTION) Albanian media: Kurti receives support from Albania for agreement in Ohrid; the era of the Serb list in Kosovo is over; armed attack on Top Channel
(SELECTION) Albanian media: Kosovo’s Social Democrats call for protests and demand Kurti’s resignation, for Walker it is a mistake to form the “Association”, Blinken calls for fulfillment of the agreement
(SELECTION) Albanian media: Vucic ready for compromise; Advisors from the EU and civil society organizations from Kosovo and Serbia with letters to the leaders for signing the agreement; more dismissals announced regarding “Dehari” case
(SELECTION) Albanian media: Albania under the scrutiny of Financial Times; Albanian CEC does not register the Democratic Party for upcoming elections; Kurti requests support from the EU
(SELECTION) Albanian media: Kosovo Republicans with the motto “Association – Trojan horse ‘Serbia’”, Ministry of Justice requests the two detained in Serbia to be transferred to Kosovo, Kurti with a dedication to Djindjic
(SELECTION) Albanian media: Russia predicts failure of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia; Kurtiready to sign the agreement on March 18 in Ohrid; new mega scandal in Albania with floating thermal power plants
(SELECTION) Albanian media: Albanian Central Election Commission deciding which DP will be registered, trial of former Minister of Defense Mediu cancelled, corruption and organized crime in Albania a main problem
(SELECTION) Albanian media:  In Albania and Kosovo protests and celebrations on International Woman’s Day; “Red Shoes” installation in Tirana; inheritance of property a challenge for Kosovo women
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