Peter Vanhoutte, a Belgian diplomat, former MP of the Belgian Federal Parliament, high level mediator, specialized in political conflicts, former European mediator in the Macedonian crisis in 2015, is of the most popular foreign diplomats in the country. He has manifested a continued commitment to help country’s politics get into the right direction – democracy

Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, Marjan Zabrcanec, Mayor of Kumanovo, Maksim Dimitrievski, International Civil Society Centre (Berlin, Germany) representative, Brandy Geurking, CIVIL representatives Maja Ivanovska, Sinisa Stankovic and Xhabir Deralla, human rights activist Jasmina Golubovska and Vanco Ordanoski of the business community are part of the speakers at the Conference “Civic Charter – The

The new government must not be anything like the one of the suspect Gruevski. There is no reason why the vice premiere on economic affairs should be a capitalist. There is really no need for such a portfolio, the minister of economy should be good enough. There is no need for ministers without portfolio, at

The main recommendations of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, for overcoming the political crisis in Republic of Macedonia, are for the elections to be postponed until conditions for free elections are created, the abolition to be withdrawn and a for a transitional government to prepare free elections.

Withdrawal of abolition and postponement of elections – Zoran Zaev conveys the conditions for participating in the negotiations for overcoming the political crisis that are to be held in Vienna, Friday, 22 April.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom, held a press-conference this afternoon and a had meeting with citizens, as well as with interested political entities in front of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia, right before the start of the last parliamentary session, prior to the dissolution of the Parliament scheduled for tomorrow.

This cannot be tolerated anymore! In spite of all abuses and crimes indicated in the wiretapped conversations revealed by the opposition; despite all human rights organizations’ reports on abuses, state capture, confined media, electoral fraud and structural violence conducted for years – the ruling parties got the opportunity to participate in the process and negotiations

From whom and for what is Nikola Gruevski’s government so afraid? If, already, the ministers, aware of their mistakes, have to protect themselves from the citizens with an iron fence, why did the monument of the antifascists have to be fenced too? And what kind of a message is being sent to the Macedonian and