BURST We want a rock‘n’roll, not a turbo-folk government!

The new government must not be anything like the one of the suspect Gruevski. There is no reason why the vice premiere on economic affairs should be a capitalist. There is really no need for such a portfolio, the minister of economy should be good enough. There is no need for ministers without portfolio, at all. If they are good, they should be deputies or experts in ministries relevant to their expertise. There must not be departments for licking asphalt under the heels of the investors!

Xhabir Deralla

There is no need for ministers or bodies for implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. We want a ministry of justice that will finally work towards law and justice. We want a government that will uncompromisingly implement the Constitution and laws, that will maximally respect human rights and freedoms, will conduct free elections and will guarantee social justice, sustainable development and rule of law. If this is done, well, then you have an implemented Ohrid Agreement.

We do not want a massive government that employs thousands of useless and expensive party screws, efficient for the appetites of the parties, but inefficient for the citizens. We do not want a government that will maintain balance between national-chauvinisms, but rather a government that will maintain the ethnic, religious and cultural cohesion that the civil resistance and SDSM created. The government has to foster the benefits of the nonviolent revolution, and not destroy them with compromises and bargaining!

The Parliament now is reflecting our society, degraded and disfigured. However, it has to rise above that! We do not need a party soldatesque of overpaid little apparatchiks in parliament, but a house in which laws will be passed in accordance to Constitution and in the interest of all citizens. And the government needs to be super modern, to shine every day with new solutions of problems that have accumulated for decades. To counter any backward tendency with super advanced measures and solutions.

Finally, we need a government that will also give space to the individual, to develop beyond and above the ethno-religious space – atheists, agnostics, loners, vegans, rockers, punks, darkers, technos, multi-racials… To encourage mixed marriages… To legalize same sex marriages… We want a modern government that will follow the worldwide progressive trends. A creative government, not an apparatus for corruption of mind! That was Gruevski and his gangsters and fascists. Make a dark history out of them, and not an unbearable future!

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