A single mother is a target of online calls for her execution by an activist of a pro-Russian party, whose small, but aggressive membership is participating in the nationalist protests organized by the party of the Family (VMRO-DPMNE). This example is not isolated, but rather just a drop in the ocean of the black campaign

This winter I was on a trip to Sarajevo, when Austrian Airline flight from Skopje to Belgrade was four hours late, and later from Belgrade to Sarajevo was cancelled, so I had to catch a taxi. The taxi driver was a bit younger than me, polite and professional. In an almost five-hour drive through bad

Mickoski and companions experience their return to Parliament, mostly gently said, as humiliation, so they have decided to resort to cheap tricks, as is the vote of confidence on the government. This coincides also with the Prime Minister’s plans for reconstruction of the Government. Whatever Zaev does with the government in this period, Mickoski (read:

Peter Vanhoutte, a Belgian diplomat, former MP of the Belgian Federal Parliament, high level mediator, specialized in political conflicts, former European mediator in the Macedonian crisis in 2015, is of the most popular foreign diplomats in the country. He has manifested a continued commitment to help country’s politics get into the right direction – democracy

We are outraged by the scandalous decision of the Prosecutor’s Office and Kumanovo court for reinstructing the act from a “murder” to a “serious offense against the safety of the people and traffic ownership”. This is an absurd and humiliating level of reasoning and acting of a judicial system that has obviously gone deeply in

The world is changing faster than ever. Financial, political, military and cultural centers gaining and losing power overnight, while consequences of destructive tendencies are catastrophic and far-reaching. In such a world, one of a continuous and ruthless battle for domination and control, the citizen often comes last in the “big picture” of those who shape

Photo gallery of the protest against a compromise solution to the name dispute in Thessaloniki, January 21, 2018. The publishing rights are kindly abandoned by friends in the SOOC photo agency, specifically for CIVIL Media. The author of the photographs is the Greek photojournalist Costas Tsakalidis.

With nationalistic rhetoric and anti-European banners around two hundred nationalists protested against the law that will provide more rights of use non-majority languages in the country. The protest took place in front of the Parliament where protesters accused EU of treacherous policy against the Macedonian identity and have burned the EU flag. 

From Understanding to Protection is a project that will contribute to the understanding and protection of freedom of expression and media freedoms in the Republic of Macedonia, which CIVIL – Center for Freedom will start implementing from October 15, 2017. The project duration is 5 months.