REACTION CIVIL: Shameful and scandalous acting by the Prosecutor’s Office and Court in Kumanovo

We are outraged by the scandalous decision of the Prosecutor’s Office and Kumanovo court for reinstructing the act from a “murder” to a “serious offense against the safety of the people and traffic ownership”. This is an absurd and humiliating level of reasoning and acting of a judicial system that has obviously gone deeply in extremely unacceptable practices.

Yesterday the Kumanovo court once again proved that justice in Macedonia is selective and partial. The shameful and scandalous scenario in the case of little Almir is another confirmation of this.

CIVIL demands urgent re-examination of the entire trial case. Furthermore, we demand that the case for the murder of Almir be separated from the case for the physical conflict between all the participants who had to be sanctioned!

The behavior of the defendant Boban Ilic and his brother inside and outside of the court is even more shameful than the decision of the Kumanovo court. Such disrespect for the court, for Almir’s family, but also for the public, will only contribute towards more disappointment, revolt and utter distrust in the institutions of justice and the state overall.

CIVIL most strongly condemns yesterday’s attack on the journalist from TV 21 and the threats against him. The question “Do you want me to immediately go back to jail?” cannot be understood any other way other than as a threat against the life of the journalist, and the same must be most strongly condemned and sanctioned.

We demand from the Ministry of the Interior and the Public Prosecutor’s Office urgent reaction and acting upon these threats.

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