A single mother is a target of online calls for her execution by an activist of a pro-Russian party, whose small, but aggressive membership is participating in the nationalist protests organized by the party of the Family (VMRO-DPMNE). This example is not isolated, but rather just a drop in the ocean of the black campaign

A prominent member of DUI in the Municipality of Saraj, whose initials are S.M., has physically attacked an activist and member of CIVIL in broad daylight. The incident took place yesterday, November 1, near the roundabout in Gjorce Petrov, at 2:00 pm. CIVIL conducted serious checks of the area and verification of all data, requested

CIVIL – Center for Freedom strongly condemned the physical attack on the journalist from TV 24, Hristijan Banevski, during yesterday’s protests.   “Journalists, who are doing their jobs of informing the public on the events, are beaten. Human rights activists and public figures are attacked. This is unacceptable and it has to stop immediately! This

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is expressing its repulsion and strong condemnation of the acts of violence in Skopje and throughout other cities in Republic of Macedonia. It is precisely the power structures that are still in control, whose senior representatives are under investigation for serious crimes, criminal association, serious abuses and electoral fraud, who

Skopje, April 15, 2016. Prodemocracy protesters rallied today for the third day in a row, demanding resignation of President Gorge Ivanov. The democratic public, civil society, international community and human rights activists demand recall of President’s decision to pardon over fifty persons who face criminal investigation and criminal charges for corruption, abuse of power and

It’s a long night for the ex-Minister of Interior Gordana Jankuloska, ex-Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and Secretary of the Government Kiril Bozinovski, who are among the high government and ruling party officials charged with serious criminal charges by the Special Prosecutor’s office, as announced at the press conference today.