They’ve nothing else. All they’ve done is poisoning generations of young people with hate speech on the streets and in the media. Now they’ve commenced yet another offensive… Calling them “nationalists” is an overly mild qualification for them. It is difficult to describe the sordidness of this kind of political fight. Poison. Infection. Such descriptions

This winter I was on a trip to Sarajevo, when Austrian Airline flight from Skopje to Belgrade was four hours late, and later from Belgrade to Sarajevo was cancelled, so I had to catch a taxi. The taxi driver was a bit younger than me, polite and professional. In an almost five-hour drive through bad

When CIVIL Media spoke to Mr. Erwan Fouéré in May, 2016, he declared his strong and unwavering support to the Colorful Revolution, in times of an unstoppable wave of anti-regime and pro-democracy protests sweeping across the Republic of Macedonia. In the interview back then, Mr. Fouéré has concluded that the situation in the country has

From Understanding to Protection is a project that will contribute to the understanding and protection of freedom of expression and media freedoms in the Republic of Macedonia, which CIVIL – Center for Freedom will start implementing from October 15, 2017. The project duration is 5 months. 

“At the beginning of our speech, we would like to express our view that at this point the key conditions have not been fulfilled, nor is there a favorable environment for holding fair, free and democratic elections that would restore citizens’ trust in that in Macedonia it is possible to decide freely and that the

The parliament of the Republic of Macedonia voted to go for early elections on April 24, this evening, after accepting the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who is in power for almost a decade, leading the largest self-designed Christian Democratic party of VMRO-DPMNE.

The long-term erosion of democracy, absence of rule of law, continuous violation of human rights and freedoms, media control and structural violence have contributed to the continuous downgrading of the assessments in the annual progress reports of the European Commission (EC) on the Republic of Macedonia. The latest EC report is, in short, a defeat

Civil society organizations to the EU and USA: We address You with this letter in the wake of the new round of negotiations scheduled to take place on June 10th, in Brussels, between the leaders of the two biggest political parties in Macedonia, under the auspices of the EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn. Occasion for this