Shameful abolition! Ivanov, step down!

Gorge Ivanov announced that he has signed an act of abolition for all persons from the government and the opposition, namely, as a way out of the political crisis, claiming that he cannot “allow what happens to Macedonia, during his mandate”.

First of all: What is happening to Macedonia during these seven years, since Ivanov occupies the presidential armchair?

We call upon Ivanov to explain the standpoint that the crisis in the Republic of Macedonia is “some foreign interest”.

Ivanov uses already heard phrases about some invisible enemy that, according to him, has done something to the politicians from the ruling and opposition parties, so they hate each other. In his public address, he insinuates that the responsible for the crisis is the international community. Who is he talking about? We demand from him to name the responsible one!

The “abolition” of Ivanov is an act without credibility and must not be recognized. He is at a position that he gained at elections about which there are open criminal investigation procedures and criminal charges for electoral theft. That investigation must have a legal conclusion, after which, someone may think of an abolition.

Instead of showing up with absurd attempts to save his and the skins of his commanders, we demand from Ivanov to step down from the position, to which he has come, as we all heard, upon an electoral theft.

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