The new government must not be anything like the one of the suspect Gruevski. There is no reason why the vice premiere on economic affairs should be a capitalist. There is really no need for such a portfolio, the minister of economy should be good enough. There is no need for ministers without portfolio, at

Withdrawal of abolition and postponement of elections – Zoran Zaev conveys the conditions for participating in the negotiations for overcoming the political crisis that are to be held in Vienna, Friday, 22 April.

Last night, an hour before midnight, without the presence of the opposition, the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia was dissolved. SDSM boycotted the urgent session for dissolution of the Parliament, whose ministers had previously submitted resignations, but had not been confirmed by the parliamentary majority.

It’s a long night for the ex-Minister of Interior Gordana Jankuloska, ex-Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and Secretary of the Government Kiril Bozinovski, who are among the high government and ruling party officials charged with serious criminal charges by the Special Prosecutor’s office, as announced at the press conference today. 

CIVIL – Center for Freedom expresses its support and sends sincere congratulations to the Special Public Prosecutor’s office for their professionalism, dedication, consistency and courage.

Civil – Center for Freedom, is organizing a Debate on the CRISIS IN MACEDONIA on May 14 (Thursday), starting from 11.00 am at Club GEM (Old Town) which will be dedicated to the political situation in the country. Keynote speakers of the Debate on the CRISIS IN MACEDONIA, will be Prof. Dr. Saso Ordanoski, political