Impressions from “Practice Peace” in Skopje

Last week in Skopje a seminar took place named “Practice Peace”, in collaboration with seven NGO’s –Germany (CRISP), Greece (VOOLOS), Кosovo (SHL KOSOVO), Macedonia (Civil), Poland (KREISAU-INITIATIVE), Serbia (CC13 Youth Center), that are committed to constructive, critical and democratic civil society.

The training was conducted in two stages, the first stage in Poland, through simulation game where participants gained knowledge for peaceful conflict resolution, and the second phase in Skopje, through the module “Theatre of the oppressed” participants acquired the knowledge to recognize discrimination and how to fight against it peacefully.

CIVIL Media spoke with one of the project coordinators and the participants of the seminar asking about their impressions, ideas and knowledge that was acquired.

In addition you can view the statements of Patrick Grudzinski from KREISAU-INITIATIVE Poland, Darinka Kovacevic, a representative of the organization “Bazaart” Serbia, Admir Shala a representative of the youth NGO SHL Kosovo and Ermin Clement a representative of CIVIL.

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