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“The beach that has been foreseen is supposed to be built in the water, because the width of the existing shore is between 2 – 5 meters. It’s precisely because of this that Lagadin is a well-known and attractive place. Because of its natural beauty and rich wildlife. It is no coincidence that nature has

“At the beginning of our speech, we would like to express our view that at this point the key conditions have not been fulfilled, nor is there a favorable environment for holding fair, free and democratic elections that would restore citizens’ trust in that in Macedonia it is possible to decide freely and that the

The launching of the documentary film “BT-Toxic”, of the Association “It’s about us”, that took place yesterday in Club “Positive” in Bitola, summarized the activities titled “Inform, educate and activate yourself”, as part of the Project “Citizen involvement for solving environmental problems”.

Last week in Skopje a seminar took place named “Practice Peace”, in collaboration with seven NGO’s –Germany (CRISP), Greece (VOOLOS), Кosovo (SHL KOSOVO), Macedonia (Civil), Poland (KREISAU-INITIATIVE), Serbia (CC13 Youth Center), that are committed to constructive, critical and democratic civil society.

Technically, elections can be held, however, an inspection and revision of the Voters Register cannot be managed, which means that ensuring a Voters Register in which everyone will have confidence in is not attainable” – stated the president of the State Election Commission (SEC), Aleksandar Cicakovski, today after consultations with the leading four political parties,

We are deeply determined that the given deadline for preparation of early parliamentary elections in April 2016 is too short. Our strong recommendation is to extend this period to 18 months or more, so that the necessary conditions for holding free elections may be created. In particular, we recommend this period to start from the