After each blushing of cheeks, during visits of foreign guests to the Macedonian capital, to whom I must explain that we are not people who are collectively on hallucinogenic drugs, but that we have our own, rich history, and that Skopje’s abduction by those who are untalented in arts and politics, is not something the

The scandalous restraining of the Ombudsman Ixhet Memeti to address the MPs of the majority in Parliament, has once again exposed the hypocrisy of the ruling parties! Even though they are making efforts to present themselves to the Macedonian public as a constructive party in the current negotiations to overcome the deep political crisis, the

Angels – seraphs would shake it to its foundations, the communist architecture they would crush! Or, at least, they would inflict a heavy stroke upon it, an anti-communist stroke. So say the creators of the “work of art” for which the outgoing government has so far spent two million euros of people’s money (and, according