The State Election Commission on Saturday, after several days of painstaking work behind barricades protected by special police forces and under the pressure of the crowd of protesters on the street in front of the building of what once used to be the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”, finally accepted only one of the complaints filed

Fierce criticism of the government, postponement of elections, withdrawal of Ivanov’s abolition, freeing of the media, depoliticization of the judiciary and many other measures and reforms for overcoming the political crisis in Macedonia, are some of the views of the highest representatives of over twenty political parties that were part of the fourth discussion on

The State Elections Commission (SEC) voted unanimously to approve the report from the cross-referenced checks and statistical analyses of the Voters Register, according to which 316,000 entries (voters) are controversial, suspicious or inconsistent.  

CIVIL – Centre for Freedom held a successful public debate today in hotel “City Park” in Skopje, with representatives of political parties that are not part of the negotiations to overcome the political crisis. They developed a rich discussion and argued on the reasons that have been pushing Macedonia for a decade to a dead

CIVIL – Center for Freedom held a thematic meeting on “Financing of political parties and election campaigns”, which included an expert team from Republic of Croatia as guests. The meeting was held in Skopje on November 20, 2015, within the framework of the Project “My voting right”. The project has been made possible with the

CIVIL – Center for Freedom welcomes the continuation of the working groups of the political parties – signatories of the Agreement to overcome the political crisis in the country. We are aware that political parties are facing responsible tasks before the state and society; any delay or breach of the obligations accepted by signatories may