CIVIL demands freedom for media in Macedonia!

CIVIL categorically demands from the political parties included in the negotiations for overcoming of the political crisis in the country to reach an agreement for liberation of media from party control.

We support the proposals of the international mediator Peter Vanhoutte entirely, who offered solutions for regulation of media; we demand immediate transformation of his proposals into legislation and practice.

We call upon the representatives of the government and their media servants, and surrogate organizations to refrain from their insolent and disqualifying vocabulary against civil society, free media, the international mediator Vanhoutte and the international community in general. By their rude and antidemocratic attitude in public, they ruin the reputation of the Republic of Macedonia, and cause further deepening of the crisis, instead of overcoming the crisis.

Since the Agreement for overcoming of the political crisis was signed to the present moment, CIVIL has issued numerous analysis and recommendations on this process. Part of the demands and recommendations are:

Media must be free, as well as responsible.

The public service MRTV must be reformed and be at service of the citizens, not of the ruling power structures.

The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services must become independent and professional body, not under party command.

To create conditions for free elections, media must be liberated from the party dictate and to fulfil their social role in accordance to democratic standards. Without free media, there will be no free elections!

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