“Good evening Kumanovo! Having so many people gather from different national, religious, and gender backgrounds in one place to enjoy the moment and the music – now that is freedom!” – shouted out Toni Zen,  the king of rap, as his colleagues from Sutka Roma Rap introduced him, started off his energetic performance, while the

The State Election Commission on Saturday, after several days of painstaking work behind barricades protected by special police forces and under the pressure of the crowd of protesters on the street in front of the building of what once used to be the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”, finally accepted only one of the complaints filed

CIVIL has come across audio testimonies on vote buying in Demir Hisar. Vote buying is part of several other reports of other observers as well. Currently, other reports on bribery of voters from several other municipalities are being verified. Obviously, bribery is gaining momentum in the second part of today’s electoral silence. CIVIL strongly demands a

CIVIL – Center for Freedom will present the awards for the second cycle of the “Be a citizen journalist” competition on March 22, Tuesday, beginning at 12.00 pm at the City Park Hotel.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom presented five rewards for five most successful video and photo materials prepared by citizen journalists. They were accompanied by short stories that further explain the video and photo material. The awards were presented as part of the Civic Lenses Project.