DAILY BRIEF July 9: Arrangements, victim, MOI, MLSP, SCPC, resignations…

Zaev: I am a victim of my openness, I haven’t given out state secrets  

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev expressed regret for ending up on the list of the Russian comedians, reminding that French President Emmanuel Macron, President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg and many other figures and politicians have ended up on the list before him.

“I have no intention of resigning, we will come out only stronger from this process, I do not think that I should “tighten” my communicativeness, I like to talk to share information, I am very accessible, but, unfortunately, such openness brings such bitter feelings”, said Zaev at a press conference in the Government.

As to the question how such conversations had been allowed, Zaev explained that all protocols of connection had been respected, when someone requests communication with the Prime Minister and with other officials. According to the protocol, as he said, some of the advisors sits next to him and takes minutes of the conversation.

The SCPC will be reviewing the case with Raskovski

President of the SCPC, Biljana Ivanovska, today stated that they will be reviewing the case with the selling of airline tickets to the institutions.

“We plan to talk with the State Audit Office on how much they plan to cover this case. It is significant because a large amount of funds is hiding in the background and it is worth investigating”, added Ivanovska.

In response to a journalist question as to whether the person that revealed the case with Government General Secretary Dragi Raskovski is a whistle-blower, Ivanovska replied that the person does not have a status of a whistle-blower, because he had not respected the legal requirements.

MLSP provides summer vacation for 700 children from social risk families

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Red Cross have provided summer vacation in the vacation home “Majski Cvet” in Struga for 700 children and their companions from social risk families from the entire country, until the end of summer, in five shifts.

This support of the MLSP and the Red Cross is intended for families that are beneficiaries of guaranteed minimum assistance and child and educational allowance, children without parents and parental care, children with disabilities, that is, beneficiaries of special allowance until the age of 26.

MOI: Over 600 pieces of weapons and over 400 kilograms of drugs have been destroyed

On the occasion of International Gun Destruction Day, in the plants of Euronickel Industries in Kavadarci, weapons and narcotic were destroyed that have been seized on the basis of effective court decisions, brought after completed criminal procedures. The destruction of drugs and weapons was carried out by the Ministry of Interior, the State Commission for destruction of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and the Agency for real estate management.

In accordance to previously determined legal procedures, the firearms and narcotic drugs previously were taken from the storerooms of the courts and stored in the storerooms of the MOI, according to the Plan for taking measures and activities for taking, transporting and storing firearms and narcotic drugs, is said from the MOI.

Parliament ascertains resignation of NDP MP Vesel Memedi

The Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia at today’s session ascertained the resignation of the Vice President and MP from NDP, Vesel Memedi.

In his address to the MPs he explained his resignation, pointing out to the unserious approach of NDP as a small party and coalition partner, but also the dishonest political game after the changes in the country ended.

“Talir” postponed again

The trial for the unlawful financing of the party VMRO-DPMNE, “Talir”, has been postponed for September 12, due to the absence of one of the jurors.

The process is led by Judge Osman Sabani, whereas Lence Ristevska from the SPO is a representative of the prosecution.

In the courtroom, defendants Mile Janakieski was present, who was brought from detention, along with Kiril Bozinovski, brought from house arrest, as well as MP Ilija Dimovski and Leko Ristoski. Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is being tried in absentia.

Meetings of Pendarovski within the framework of the participation at the SEECP Summit in Sarajevo

President Stevo Pendarovski, within the framework of the participation at the Summit of the South-East European Cooperation Process, in Sarajevo, held bilateral meetings with representatives of the Summit participating states. Pendarovski met with representatives of Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

At the meeting with the President of Albania, Ilir Meta, opinions had been shared on the overall bilateral relations between the two countries, which are friendly and mark positive development with continuous dialogue. 

Dehran Muratov

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