DAILY BRIEF July 10: Optimism, EU, dismissals…

Pendarovski does not expect obstructions from the new Greek government

“I know that the European Union is dealing with itself, but it has to know that we here the Balkans are 30 years in transition and we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel”, stated the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, in an interview for television N1, during his participation in the South-East European Cooperation Process Summit held in Sarajevo.

He considers that objectively the RNM is a bit disappointed from the different speeches about the start of the negotiations that are coming from the EU as a whole.

Pendarovski, after the change of government in Greece, does not expect an overturn from the Greek side in terms of the Prespa Agreement, but does expect, as he says, a somewhat more rigid position in regards to the implementation of the Agreement, especially in the part of the trade symbols of the products from the northern part of Greece and from North Macedonia.

SCPC to Vangelovski and the Supreme Court: Judges should be exempted from decision-making before dismissals

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interests informed the Supreme Court, specifically its President Jovo Vangelovski, that according to the law on courts, the 9 judges to be dismissed should be exempted from the procedure.

The Law on Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interests provides for judges themselves to be careful not to find themselves in conflict of interests, to prevent themselves from influencing and to consult the SCPC should they suspect conflict of interests.

The SCPC warned that with hiding the existence of private interest and not acting according to the provisions of the law, there is basis for initiating a procedure for determining responsibility and imposing measures.

Vangelovski, whom the SCPC is addressing, is on the list of judges for dismissal for releasing businessman Sead Kocan from custody in May 2017.

Government dismisses “gunman” Iseni

The Government dismissed Dzevat Iseni yesterday from the position Executive member of the Board of Directors of the joint stock company for management of commercial property (ADSDP).

With this, his function as President of the Board of Directors of ADSDP has also automatically ceased.

The reasons for the dismissal have not been announced, but there are speculations that perhaps a video posted on the social networks could be the reason, in which Iseni can be seen dancing at a wedding celebration with a gun on his belt.

Committee for negotiations in the country’s accession process towards the EU has been established

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia at its regular 143 session brought a decision for establishing working groups for the preparation of a National Programme for Adoption of the EU Acquis and for preparation of the negotiation positions for negotiations for membership in the European Union, informed the Government.

At the session, a decision was also made on the establishment of a Secretariat of the negotiations structure, as well as an office of the chief technical negotiator.

In the package decisions for preparation of the National Programme for Adoption the EU Acquis and for preparation of the negotiation positions for negotiations, a decision for establishing a state delegation and Committee for negotiations in the accession process of the Republic of North Macedonia towards the EU was also made.

Children with problems in development and autism will receive a sensory room

The City of Skopje in cooperation with the Municipality of Butel will open a sensory room in kindergarten “11 Oktomvri” in the settlement of Radisani. Children with developmental disorders and autism will be treated in the room, and an expert team composed of a defectologist, pedagogue, psychologist, speech therapist and educator will be working with them.

The opening of a sensory room has the goal of responding to the needs of children with developmental disorders and autism, as well as to improve the quality of life of the children and their families. The early and pre-school period is key for the development of sensory integration.

Civica Mobilitas grants 1,5 million Swiss francs to 27 Macedonian NGOs

Civica Mobilitas awarded 15 institutional grants for strengthening the organizations for a period of three years, while 12 civic organizations received action grants. The amount of the grants for institutional support from the Swiss program Civica Mobilitas is 4,5 million denars for three years, whereas the action grants range from one to 1,8 million denars for a single project.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom also received an institutional grant, which in the next three years will work on promoting human rights and freedoms by connecting activism, analytics and media production as part of its project activities.

Dehran Muratov

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