DAILY BRIEF July 8: Congratulations, accusation, arrogance, robbery, profligacy…

Zaev congratulates Mitsotakis on phone

Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, congratulated his Greek colleague Kyriakos Mitsotakis on his victory.

“I had a phone conversation with Mr. Mitsotakis, President of New Democracy and the new Prime Minister of our neighbour and friend Greece. I congratulated him on his election win and wished our neighbour Greece and the Greek people prosperity and well-being. We jointly expressed hope for continuing the cooperation between North Macedonia and Greece, in expectation of our first meeting as prime ministers. I affirmed the positions that Greece is our strategic partner with whom we develop cooperation and build lasting friendship, and I expressed gratitude for the support we received from our neighbour for NATO membership and for the start of the negotiations with the EU.

Basic Prosecutor’s Office with accusation against Pancevski

The Basic Prosecutor’s Office Skopje filed an indictment against former President of the Basic Criminal Court Vladimir Pancevski, for abuse of official position and authorization for influencing the manner of electronic distribution of the cases arriving in the court for a decision.

From the Basic Prosecutor’s Office, they say that the accused Pancevski, by putting a written paraph on his behalf and by verbally ordering the employees in the court archive who had access to the AKMIS system, had given orders for specific cases to be distributed among the judges outside the time of receipt of the case in the court, as well as instructions to which judge to distribute the case.

VMRO-DPMNE MP Manojlovski will not go to work because the police searched his vehicle

MP Goran Manojlovski from VMRO-DPMNE, as a sign of revolt, left the work of the Committee for Labour and Social Policy, because the police had searched his vehicle. After he left, the President of the Committee, Vesna Pemova, interrupted the session due to lack of quorum.

From the MOI they say that police officers had been deployed at the roundabout because of a crime previously committed, that is, robbery of a bank in Saraj, from where 90.000 euros were stolen, because of which several vehicles had been searched, including the vehicle of MP Manojlovski, without knowing that it was his vehicle. He was allowed to go without any problems after the search.

More than 2.000 signatures for the initiative “End Profligacy”

CIVIL announced today that over 2.000 citizens have signed the initiative #EndProfligacy. More specifically, at the time of publishing this information, precisely 2.202 signatories have given their support.

The Organization, on its Facebook page urged: “Share it with your friends, talk and comment. The contribution of every individual is priceless. CIVIL thanks you for the support!”. The Organization informs that the next steps will be announced during the month of August, whereas specific steps will be taken immediately after the annual vacations of the Macedonian people chosen to office.

D. Muratov

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