DAILY BRIEF July 11: Security, pranksters, corruption, justice, observation…

Zaev: Russia is not behind the Russian pranksters

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today said that the telephone conversation with the Russian comedians is a private matter and should not be linked to the Russian Federation.

“I think that these pranks or fake performances are a private matter, and are not an act of the Russian Federation and such matters should not interfere in our friendly relations. The cooperation with the Russian Federation is one of our goals, strengthening that cooperation economically and likewise”, said Zaev.

Spasovski: The security situation is stable, peaceful and without indications of being disrupted

The security situation is stable, peaceful and there are no indications of it being disrupted on the entire territory of the country, stated the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, replying to a journalist question as to what the security assessments are following the announcements of El Ceka “that a new Kumanovo in Skopje could take place”.

– The MOI and all other bodies that are in charge of law enforcement are taking all measures regarding the security situation, said Spasovski, who this morning followed part of the selection of candidates for new police officers in the MOI Training Center in Idrizovo.

Another participant in the April 27 events in Parliament has been arrested

Last night around 9.30 pm, the police arrested Svetozar Petrovic, convicted to 18 months in prison for “false identification”, otherwise known to the MOI as being one of the members in the protests “For joint Macedonia” and attacking the Parliament on April 27.

Known as “Laki Arambasa” he was on the run for a long time. He was one of the organizers of the protests “For joint Macedonia”, while the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption filed charges for organizing violence in the Parliament.

Platform against corruption: Let’s not allow for one captured state to be replaced by another one

The Platform of civil society organization in the fight against corruption came out with a reaction, warning that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, even as an acting Finance Minister, is violating the Law on prevention of corruption and conflict of interests.

With the slogan “Let’s not allow for one captured state to be replaced with another one”, the Platform of civil society organizations in the fight against corruption pointed out an indication with which it supports the indications of the public and the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption.

March for marking 24 years of the Srebrenica genocide

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, today a March of Freedom will be held starting at 6.00 pm in the park in Cair. The march will end at the Macedonia square, where at 7.00 pm an appropriate programme is expected in memory of the victims. A Macedonian delegation, led by the President of Parliament Talat Xhaferi, together with MPs Ferid Muhic and Zekir Ramcidovic will also attend today’s ceremony in Srebrenica. President Xhaferi will address those present at the ceremony.

Amnesty International with a petition for the release of cinematographer Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi

Amnesty International has started a petition for the release of cinematographer Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi, who was arrested in Myanmar after criticizing on the social networks the military draft Constitution of the country and the role of the military in politics.

 Dehran Muratov

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