DAILY BRIEF January 10: Postponements, negotiations, misinformation and hysteria

Parliamentary session for constitutional changes just can seem to start  

After being several times scheduled and postponed, the session at which there was supposed to be voting for the constitutional changes has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 12.00 noon.

The proposed amendments XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXV and XXXVI of the Constitution of Republic of Macedonia are on the agenda of today’s session, as well as the draft-constitutional law on proclaiming the amendments, which is the third and last phase of the process of the constitutional changes that arise from the Prespa Agreement.

Two-thirds majority uncertain

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference stated that talks are still in progress with BESA of Biljal Kasami, for finding a technical formulation in terms of the citizenship, with the purpose of providing the necessary 80 MPs for passing the constitutional amendments.

He said that he cannot say at the moment that 80 MPs have been provided, but also that he is prepared to take his share of the responsibility.

“Everyone should take responsibility for the process. If there is no majority, then comes the Central body of SDSM and taking responsibility. We have put everything on this card. In politics, just as laurels are taken, so is responsibility. I have no prejudgment, the time for responsibility has come. Either there will be 80, or there will be responsibility”, says prime Minister Zaev, at the same time outlining that he still believes and expects for the necessary majority to be provided.

Protests continue

In front of Parliament at the same time there is a protest organized by the organization “Tvrdokorni” and “Macedonia blocks”, against the constitutional changes.

Today again, the President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, joined the protestors, unlike yesterday when he refused to address those present and was booed for that, and for today announced his address from in front of Parliament.

Panic, hysteria and misinformation

“Three MPs are locked in Parliament, where the local head of CIA, David Stevenson, is present, and unprecedented pressure is made over them to vote for the constitutional changes, accused the leader of Unique Macedonia – Janko Bacev.

He claims that the MPs in Parliament had been locked upon the order of US Ambassador Jess Bailey.

Bacev demanded for the public prosecutor to come immediately and to give an arrest warrant because pressure is put on three people’s representatives. Additionally, Bacev also called on President Gjorgje Ivanov to come and not to remain silent, because, as he said, there is a coup in Parliament.

The President of the Macedonian Parliament, Talat Xhaferi, denied the accusations of the leader of “Unique Macedonia”, Janko Bacev, that three MPs are being held locked in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

“I informed the public that it is a matter of classic misinformation, with the purpose of harming the reputation of the Parliament and the process of EU and NATO integrations of Republic of Macedonia.

In the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia every MP decides by himself, according to his belief and there are no, neither will there be, pressures on people’s representatives, and their movement is free.

The 75th session of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia is taking place according to the established order for any other session”, is said in the reaction of Talat Xhaferi.

Macedonia remains a “hybrid regime”

According to the Democracy Index of the British weekly “economist”, Macedonia has climbed 10 places compared to last year, and is currently in the 78 place with 5,87 points.

Republic of Macedonia belongs in the category of “hybrid regimes”, which includes countries with points from 5,98 to 4,06.

A total of 167 countries have been evaluated, according to 60 indicators in five categories: functioning of the government, political participation, electoral process and pluralism, democratic political culture and civil freedoms.

CIVIL announcement: Obstructing the Prespa Agreement is not a patriotic act!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom through an announcement most strongly condemned the parties, that is, the MPs who are deliberately and from the positions of narrow-party and/or personal interests, obstructing the process of implementing the Prespa Agreement, from which the need of constitutional changes arises.

At the same time, CIVIL called on all MPs who have good intentions for the country, to prove that by giving support for the constitutional changes

“Regardless of whether it is about sincere intentions or bargaining, the lack of support for the constitutional changes is not a patriotic act.

We encourage the MPs to make a wise, courageous and statesman decision and to show unity when it comes to major historical decisions such as this one”, is said in CIVIL’s announcement. 


CIVIL Media continued with the publication of a series of interviews and texts with which it is recapitulating the political and social reality of the year that has passed, and is trying, through conversations with selected experts and public figures to reveal the perspectives of the coming year.

The new series “Perspectives 2019” is now before the public, in which for now you can look at the views of Rozeta TrajanМirjana MaleskaМersiha SmailovikМirjana NajcevskaHusein Ademi and Мarta Gusar and Faton Aliti.


М. Ivanovska
Photography: Biljana Jordanovska

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