PERSPECTIVES 2018 Smailovic: We enter 2019 disappointed and without expectations

“2018 was a year in which we expected big changes, we had high hopes, but quite unexpected circumstances occurred that were rather turbulent”, stated Mersiha Smailovic, civil activist, in a conversation for CIVIL MEDIA, as part of the series  “Perspectives 2019.

“Some legal changes that occurred are encouraging. The Act on international and temporary protection was adopted, which offers rights to the refugees who would remain in Macedonia, and in the context of amendments in the area of human rights of refugees. But the expectations were definitely much greater, hence the disappointment is even greater…I know that the system was not functioning, an entire decade in which we were constantly discriminated. Two years were enough to detect the shortcomings, and to start working on those shortcomings…., but what was done is just determining that there is a problem, that the legal norms are hindering the process, and where is the solution to the problem”, said Smailovic.

According to her, the casualness of the competent bodies, accepting the situation in which we are, is unacceptable. In 2019 Smailovic does not expect anything, considering that she will more easily accept all the changes that will happen.

“In 2017 we had hope. In 2018 we became realistic and were able to see that there are no changes, I am speaking about civil activists, and that disappointment leads, at least me, to depression…”, stated Smailovic.

Text and editing: Biljana Jordanovska
Camera: Аtanas Petrovski

Photo: CIVIL archives


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