COVID-19 Infectious Diseases Commission proposes stricter restrictions amid surge in COVID cases

The Commission for Infectious Diseases at a meeting Friday passed proposals for more restrictions, including total ban on events, ordering all businesses to close by 11 pm and public transportation capacities to be slashed by 50%.

In line with the enforced decrees with the force of law, it is necessary to amend laws before previous measures enter into force, according to Health Minister Venko Filipche.

“The law is already in Parliament for adoption and we expect it next week to be adopted as regards the proposed set of measures, including mandatory wearing of masks outdoors, ban for groups of more than four people after 10 pm and ban on household visits so as to allow inspectors and the Interior Ministry to act when overseeing how the measures are implemented and to sanction if necessary,” he stated.

Additional restrictions could be proposed to the government on Monday after monitoring the situation over the weekend, according to the Minister.

“If the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, this set of measures and the one that is to be adopted in Parliament should drastically curb the virus’s transmission,” Filipche stressed.

He said the increase in the number of infections in the country and also across Europe was something that was expected in the autumn wave.

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