DAILY BRIEF Daily Brief: North Macedonia and Bulgaria with joint presidency of the Berlin process, CIVIL with a series of interviews on green ad European perspectives

Meeting of Foreign Ministers of countries participating in the Berlin Process

A meeting of Foreign Ministers within the joint presidency of the Berlin Process of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria was held today in Skopje.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani had an introductory speech, pointing out the goals of the Berlin Process and outlining the regional cooperation, infrastructural connectivity and the creation of a common market as foundations of economic growth and preparing the region for access to the common European market.

Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, in his address welcomed and supported the initiative for a Regional agreement for freedom of movement and stay with an ID card, as one of the important priorities of this year’s joint presidency of the Berlin Process and thanked the Council of Regional Cooperation as an important partner in the operationalization of this initiative.


CIVIL today held info – stands, dedicated to promoting European values and integration, in the municipalities of Staro Nagoricane, Rankovce and Kriva Palanka.

“Europe is our home” is a project dedicated to monitoring, advocating and strengthening public awareness in multiple areas, though the main goal is to contribute to the process of EU integration of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Green CIVIL published the third part of  “Veles Green Dossier” – a story about a city in which your life is at danger, to a city that wants a green future, prepared by Antonela Dimitrievska from Veles.

As part of the project “The Greens Are Coming”, an interview has been published with the Mayor of the Municipality of Radovis, Gerasim Konzulov, who considers that issues related to the environment should always be reviewed in the context of human rights and freedoms and that everyone loses when ethnic tensions rise in a society.

The mayors of the municipalities of Gjorce Petrov and Berovo spoke about European values, EU integration and the current political situation in the country. The Mayor of Berovo, Zvonko Pekevski, in the context of these topics stated that media literacy and proper information are crucial for the functioning of democracy. The Mayor of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov, Aleksandar Naumoski, said that everyone should contribute to having Europe closer to them.


Textile sector: Workers’ rights during coronavirus

Nikolovski: Dimova should bear political responsibility, I will demand dismissal at the next government session

Reduced capacity of the public transportation and shortened working hours of economic entities among new draft measures for protection against Covid – 19

Maricic: Rule of law, democracy and human rights should be key in dealing with the pandemic

The Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, as the 30th member of NATO, for the first time will directly participate in the KFOR Mission. Tomorrow, in the first rotation, 44 members of the Army will head to the NATO Mission in Kosovo, composed of staff officers and a security platoon, which will be deployed in the Main Command of the Mission and the “West” Mission.

The National Bank with criminal charges against former responsible persons of Eurostandard Bank.

B. Jordanovska

translaion: N. Cvetkovska


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