DAILY BRIEF There’s no need for a transitional or technical government, fourth government set of measures for pensioners, unemployed, single parents being prepared…

NEWS OF THE DAY: Spasovski: There’s no need for a transitional or technical government, the institutions have sufficient capacity

There’s no need for any transitional or technical government, because I think these institutions have sufficient capacity to respond to the needs of the citizens, and that is to enable them to make a free decision, stated at today’s press conference Technical Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski.

Asked in regards to that he is probably the last technical prime minister, Spasovski reminded that the model of forming the government according to the Przino model was agreed in conditions of a regime.


Activist Irina Banishka within the project “The greens are coming”  which CIVIL is implementing in cooperation with the Heinrich Bǒll Foundation, talks about social justice, urbanism, green values, environmental justice and education.

“Even though in recent years positive changes have been made on this topic, I think that we simply must not keep silent, we must remain loud. However, usually people who have directly faced injustice are the ones who speak about the problems. People who are not facing social problems are the ones who keep silent, regardless of what they think and that they want things to change for the better. That’s selfish. The problem doesn’t have to be personal in order for someone to react, if it isn’t yours today, tomorrow that could change, and as a social problem it will not disappear. A big step forward is needed, and many loud citizens in order to influence the political agendas, in order for significant changes to take place”.


In the draft program of the new government, the adoption of which the Parliament has scheduled for Saturday, August 29, a reduction of the privileges of public officials has been foreseen, with the purpose of preventing abuse of power for personal goals, reduction of budget costs and increase of efficiency in performing the function.

The fourth set of measures, which will be adopted immediately after the new government is formed, will be for pensioners who have pensions up to 15 thousand denars, for the unemployed, that is, inactive job seekers and for single parents to receive domestic payment cards, said outgoing Technical Minister Oliver Spasovski.

President Stevo Pendarovski today participated and addressed the webinar on the topic “Geopolitical problems in the Western Balkans in the midst of the coronavirus, Euro-Atlantic perspective”, organized by the North Macedonia Marshal Center Alumni Association, in partnership with the George C. Marshal European Center for Security Studies and the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

The government and parents are discussing how the curricula will be carried out. The secondary school union is not withdrawing from the scheduled protest for Monday (August 31) despite the fact that with yesterday’s government decision the start of the school year has been postponed for one month, more specifically, it will start on October 1.


Translation: N. Cvetkovska


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