The awareness-raising caravan within the project: Forward! started from Veles on the 24th of February, and was cast on the Channel 21 news. Also on the local TV Zdravkin as well as the web portals “Ti rekov mi reche” (I told you, you told me) and “Duma” (A thought). The President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla

We arrived at the windy Shtip on the 26th of Fenruary with two CIVIL teams and started spreading the leaflets among citizens right away. Some citizens of Shtip complained about the health system in Shtip that is under pressure of the ruling party. One man came up to us and explained that one needs to

Employed members of the Union of Women of VMRO-DPMNE suffer strong party pressures and are threatened with penalties of 20 percent of salaries. To them their presence at the Annual Conference is imperative, which will be held on Sunday in Skopje, at which former Prime Minister and party leader Nikola Gruevski is expected to address

In its first disclosed case, Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) has raised charges and filed an arrest warrant for eight persons suspected of criminalization of the electoral process, acts aimed at grabbing political power. Criminal investigation has been opened for: criminal conspiracy, violation of the right to vote and the freedom of voters, corruption of voters,

During today’s press conference, Ombudsman Idzet Memeti urged the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to encourage themselves not to remain silent and to report any form of pressure or violation of their voting rights without hesitation, and by this to contribute towards a democratic electoral process.

CIVIL – Center for freedom held a public event today in Shtip at the Friendship square under the motto „All for free elections”. Despite the extremely low temperatures and sleet that turned into snow, the team from  CIVIL spoke with friends from Shtip around ninety minutes about all the issues that trouble them within the