CIVIL demands restoring of the legal state in Republic of Macedonia. Democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights are inseparable and must be provided by the institutions who need to free themselves from the control of the political parties immediately and without and any postponing. The decision of the Administrative Court for

News digest of main events for Republic of Macedonia (June 13, 2016): No detention for Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Taleski || Request of Special Prosecutor’s Office for amendments to the Law on Witnesses Protection unsuccessful || There are minimum conditions for elections in Autumn ||  Colorful Revolution continues its countdown || Debate on whether the SPO is responsible

News digest of main events for Republic of Macedonia (June 10, 2016): Nikola Gruevski questioned in the Criminal Court in Skopje || Boulevard of the #ColorfulRevolution || House arrest restrictions of Levica party activists lifted || The constitutionality of the SPO is not on the agenda of the Constitutional Court Session || Criminal Court to decide on the demands of

Last night, an hour before midnight, without the presence of the opposition, the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia was dissolved. SDSM boycotted the urgent session for dissolution of the Parliament, whose ministers had previously submitted resignations, but had not been confirmed by the parliamentary majority.