A prominent member of DUI in the Municipality of Saraj, whose initials are S.M., has physically attacked an activist and member of CIVIL in broad daylight. The incident took place yesterday, November 1, near the roundabout in Gjorce Petrov, at 2:00 pm. CIVIL conducted serious checks of the area and verification of all data, requested

The new Rules of Procedure of the State Election Commission and the Rulebook on the manner and procedure of handling complaints, after several months of evaluation of the election process that took place in December 2016, have appeared on their website, replacing the old, outdated Provisional Rules of Procedure.

At today’s meeting of the chief of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, with civil society organization in Republic of Macedonia, in the capacity of representative of the working group on freedom of expression, media and electoral reforms, the President of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, Xhabir Deralla, spoke about the situation with the media and early parliamentary

The post-election agony in Republic of Macedonia is accompanied by the scandalous behavior of the institutions that are most relevant in the election process. After the public witnessed an extremely suspicious quality of work of the State Election Commission (SEC), in the continuation of the process we see just as problematic behavior of the Administrative

The early, historic, parliamentary elections in Macedonia did not solve the long-lasting political crisis in the country, but rather deepened it. A week after elections and Macedonia is at crossroads. Citizens need to decide whether they will choose Euro-Atlantic integrations or vice-versa, will contribute for Macedonia to move towards self-isolation. The situation has become more

VMRO-DPMNE is threatening that it “will not allow ambassadors to further interfere in internal political issues”, while SDSM says that the “isolation is ending and that perspectives of a united Republic of Macedonia and its citizens are once again opening”.

The State Election Commission on Saturday, after several days of painstaking work behind barricades protected by special police forces and under the pressure of the crowd of protesters on the street in front of the building of what once used to be the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”, finally accepted only one of the complaints filed

At the protests in front of the State election commission, while the session was looking into the objections which were handed in from the political parties about the election on the 11th of December this afternoon there was firewood and barrels for lighting fire brought for the supporters of VMRO-DPMNE that were there today also

VMRO-DPMNE continues to mobilize its membership for putting pressure on the work of the State Election Commission, in the attempt to obstruct the possibility of accepting the opposition’s complaints for the parliamentary elections that were just held.

The State Election Commission at noon today will continue the session on reviewing the complaints filed by BESA and SDSM. The atmosphere that was created last night in front of the SEC building by supporters of VMRO-DPMNE, some of who even came from the interior of the country, signaled escalation of tensions, while the hate