In the period from June to December, the research team and long-term observers of CIVIL came accros a series of data and statements on constant political pressure being put on teachers in several primary and secondary schools across the country. More specifically, CIVIL aquired direct knowledge of the difficult situation of teachers in five major

The reports on discrimination, harassment and threats on the basis of political affiliation intensified right after the Agreement to overcome political crisis of June 2 and July 15, 2015 was concluded. The reports of CIVIL – Center for Freedom are based on information submitted by citizens electronically or in person, at meetings with representatives of

Political pressure on media continues. Zoran Dimitrovski, chief editor of the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija” has been sacked from the position, Thursday, February 13. “I was fired, as Jordanov alleged, I violated professional standards journalism and made political manipulations, and I manipulated the truth in my columns. Up until now there is nothing in writing