Over a thousand voters in the first part of the day were not able to vote because they did not figure in the Voters Register, while the election day is going by with many irregularities, of which, 140 cases were registered by the analytical team of Civil – Center for Freedom until the third press-conference.

More than 2000 voters from all around Macedonia, today could not realize their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. The Voters Register is in an awful condition, noted CIVIL – Center for Freedom, based on the 238 processed reports of cases from over 550 reports from observers of CIVIL and GONG, who have been on the

Withdrawal of abolition and postponement of elections – Zoran Zaev conveys the conditions for participating in the negotiations for overcoming the political crisis that are to be held in Vienna, Friday, 22 April.

“At the beginning of our speech, we would like to express our view that at this point the key conditions have not been fulfilled, nor is there a favorable environment for holding fair, free and democratic elections that would restore citizens’ trust in that in Macedonia it is possible to decide freely and that the

January’s dynamic start of CIVIL –Center for Freedom is successfully coming to an end. From January 4-th until now, CIVIL’s team has realized all of its anticipated activities with the members of the monitoring teams, with partner NGO’s, as well as with representatives of political parties at the local level. Most of these activities are

The conditions for free elections are important, and not the date when they will be held – says political analyst Saso Ordanoski. In the statement made for CIVIL, he stressed that the approach of first setting the date of elections and then fulfilling the conditions for them to be carried out was completely wrong. He

CIVIL – Center for Freedom has started the video campaign “For Free Elections”. The team of CIVIL has recorded statements of 27 intellectuals, artists and activists who have shared their thoughts, feelings and messages on the importance of free elections. Starting as of 16 November 2015, CIVIL will be publishing one statement from this campaign