From its founding in 1999, CIVIL – Center for Freedom has been continuously advocating for an uncompromising defense of freedom of expression and media freedoms. During the years of media darkness in Macedonia, when hate speech, false news and black propaganda were dominant media contents, it was bold to speak freely and to report on

I do not doubt the good intentions of Prime Minister Zaev to save the Albanians from themselves. But, it is the choice of tools that is not so good. And, as bad as his choice may be, it is inevitable. He has to save the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) at the local level, in

Two and a half months following early parliamentary elections on December 11, 2016, and Macedonia is far from any announcements that it will form a new, stable, coalition government. Neither does President Gjorgje Ivanov intend to give the mandate to the second party after VMRO-DPMNE (51) with the most seats, nor can SDSM (49) say

Dr. Saso Ordanoski, political analyst and expert of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, in this analysis speaks about the reasons why it is practically impossible to give a real prognosis on how the elections will end. According to him, citizens massively lie in surveys, and they should not be blamed for this, because they live

FORWARD! is a complex, multifaceted project for long-term monitoring of election process, transparency of financing of political parties, mobilization, elections day observation, education and awareness-raising on voters rights in the Republic of Macedonia. The project is composed of three main components: A. Mobilization and training; B. Monitoring, analysis and recommendations; C. Awareness-raising. The project also

We are deeply determined that the given deadline for preparation of early parliamentary elections in April 2016 is too short. Our strong recommendation is to extend this period to 18 months or more, so that the necessary conditions for holding free elections may be created. In particular, we recommend this period to start from the