Questions to Apasiev about how he thinks to carry out the shooting


Today I sent a kind request to the political party Levica (The Left) for an answer to several questions, for which the public has the right to expect clearer and more precise answers. My long-standing experience with this ultra-rightist Levica (The Left) is based on almost everyday expressions of hatred towards me and my friends, and so I think it’s not unfounded for me to pose these questions, among which are also some of an almost technical-administrative nature. Yes, I know, I should prepare accordingly for the shooting that was the first post-election promise of the leader of the blackshirters.

Yes, it’s about the statement on the social networks “We will shoot you all” (16.07.2020) by Dimitar Apasiev, who won a seat in the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia. Today I contacted the emails on their website and the contact person indicated there, Jovana Mojsovska, who I asked to convey the following questions to her boss:

Who exactly do you have the intention to shoot, and in which way?

What are the accusations under which you will shoot people and who, and in what procedure, made those decisions?

Does your court also suggest the possibility for an appeal, and in what timeframe, under what conditions?

Do you plan to shoot with rifles, guns or automatic weapons?

Are there people in your party who are armed?

If there are people in your party who are armed, please answer us the following question: what weapons do they have and do they have a license to own a firearm?

If at the moment you don’t have weapons for shooting the convicts, how and where do you plan to purchase the necessary weapons for conducting the executions?

Will the shooting be carried out by firing squads and how will you form them?

Do you plan to carry out the shooting publically?

If you plan to carry out the shooting publically, will you force the children and the families of those being shot to witness the execution of their loved ones?

If you don’t plan to carry it out publically, where do you plan to shoot the people who you will condemn to death by shooting them?

Do you have a plan for building facilities for shooting the convicts and what will you call those places?

Will you, as leader of the party, after the shooting go and fire one or more bullets in the head of the convicts?

Will you issue these orders or will you, possibly, carry them out yourself in the capacity of a party leader, MP or as a Professor of Law?

Will the shooting be carried out on a large number of people, hence having industrial proportions, without your physical presence, but only as a commander?

Once the people are shot, will you make sure that the bodies of those killed are returned to their families so that they can bury the bodies of their loved ones?

Will you, as a member of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, work on passing a law on shooting people that you will convict, and then implement your post-election promise, or do you plan on conducting this outside the legal framework?

Give us more details about your idea that you announced on the social networks, a day after the elections, when it became clear that you would be a member of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia?

Is there consent and documentation in regards to this plan in your party, namely, is the whole party united in the idea expressed in your statement “We will shoot you all”?

I hope you will provide a quick reply. Thank you.

I posed these questions to an extremely unscrupulous hater, who has been for years abusing his position of a university professor of law. At the same time, I posed these question to a newly elected Member of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, who will be receiving a thousand and some euros for that function from our common money.

I posed the questions to someone who has received 300,000 euros in the past three years from the money of the citizens, to build his small, but ultra-radical ideological empire and to fill his pockets. And at the same he says he will be shooting. He is a Professor of Law. Is there a need for me to be numbering more reasons why I think that these questions are important, while it’s even more important for him to become aware and to answer these questions?

He was desperately trying to come out of the deep shadow of the small-town little professor-politician. He made his dream come true. Now he needs to face the responsibilities of the functions. Both the professor and MP function. He cannot demand for one laws to apply to him, and for everything else to say it’s invalid. This, simply just doesn’t go that way in the 21st century.

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