POLITICS Osmani: Our task is to be optimists, work on better future

Our task is to be optimists and work for a better future. The Government’s efforts are based on the will of the majority of citizens, and as long as the wish for EU accession is there, no obstacle can stop us on that path, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani on Friday.

“We should be prepared for a difficult process of negotiations, and negotiations always have obstacles. Last year’s obstacle was France and other countries that had dilemmas over the enlargement process. Imagine if we had given up back then. On the contrary, we continued to invest efforts and received French support this March. Today we have an obstacle from Bulgaria, tomorrow it could be another member-state, but this process requires consensus, hard work, skill, strategy, diplomacy, patience. There is no alternative to EU membership, no alternative to good relations with the Republic of Bulgaria and other neighbors, and this is where we draw our optimism,” FM Osmani told reporters in Bitola.

He added that the intensity of Government activities has not dropped and they continue to promote the European idea for the Balkan’s development.

“We have not lost a minute since the decision that unfortunately weakened the European idea in the region and one that damages North Macedonia, Bulgaria but also the EU. Nevertheless, we are continuing to work because there is still room for this, the stakes are high and the consequences would be bad for the country and the region, whereas the EU idea on the Balkans would also weaken,” noted Osmani.

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