DAILY BRIEF October 2: International Day of Non-Violence, Finland with support to RNM for EU membership, expected visit of Pompeo, police protest…

Zaev – Haavisto: Strong support for EU enlargement and for a positive decision in October

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today met with Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto, where support had been expressed for EU enlargement, as well as strong support from Finland, which is holding the presidency of the European Council, for a positive decision in October at the EU Summit, from which our country is expecting a date for the start of negotiations with the European Union.

Progress for our country was concluded at the meeting in the area of the rule of law, and support was expressed for that process to continue. Haavisto outlined that Finland has great respect for the Prespa Agreement, as a solution to the bilateral issue achieved peacefully.

Prime Minister Zaev, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs Bujar Osmani, expressed gratitude for the friendship and Finland’s sincere support to the Republic of North Macedonia and to the European integration processes, especially in anticipation of the important decision for our country.

Pompeo’s visit points to major return of the US to the region, assessment of Pendarovski and Djukanovic

The visit of US State Secretary Mike Pompeo to the region, which includes North Macedonia and Montenegro, is a major return of the US to the region, assessed President Stevo Pendarovski and President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic at today’s press conference.

According to Pendarovski, the visit is good from several aspects, having in consideration that the last visit of such high political level was in 2001 by then Secretary of State Colin Powell.

The illegal constructions in Ohrid are being dealt with, registry demanded also for Struga

The recommendations of UNESCO need to be carried out, but rumours shouldn’t be made that everything that UNESCO has requested, that all the illegal constructions should be torn down by February. That is classical manipulation, but the fact is that with clear dynamics and an outlined plan, the Municipality of Ohrid is already taking action in the area of illegal constructions, said Goran Sugareski, Minister of Transport and Communications, replying to a journalist question during his visit to Ohrid, where he attended the 18th Symposium of the Association of Construction Constructors.

According to him, the construction inspectors will have the final word on the illegal constructions in Struga, where the tearing down has not started. As he says, a registry of illegal constructions needs to be made, based on which they will be dealt with.


Pendarovski: Decisions on embassies are made by the Government, was the reply of President Stevo Pendarovski to a journalist question on the competencies for opening or closing diplomatic and consulate offices, at the joint press conference with President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic.

The Judicial Council of the Republic of North Macedonia today as judges of the Administrative Court elected former President of the State Election Commission, Aleksandar Cicakovski and the candidate from the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors, Eleonora Hamulik Ajro.

Independent Police Trade Union through protests demands 25% higher salaries and a Collective Agreement for the forest police.

A draft decision has already been signed for unilateral termination of the contract with Euromax Resources for the Ilovica mine, and a government procedure will follow, informed today the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi.

CIVILian activities

CIVIL on International Day of Non-Violence says: Let’s respond to violence with active participation in promoting peace, freedom and tolerance.

CIVIL today also held an info stand for the project Green Future in the center of Skopje, for promoting green values, social justice and antinationalism.

Following the first successful regional seminar on transparent and responsible political processes that was held in Stip, CIVIL is announcing the second regional seminar for the Pelagonija region. The seminar will be held on October 19 in the City Library “Borka Taleski” in Prilep, starting at 10 am. Applicants from the following municipalities in the Pelagonija planning region may apply to participate: Bitola, Demir Hisar, Krivogastani, Krusevo, Mogila, Prilep, Resen, Novaci and Dolneni. APPLICATION FORM FOR PARTICIPATION

CIVIL in Prilep asked the question what kind of future awaits us in the near future, black or green, and in their replies the citizens of Prilep were disappointed and angry, seeing no future or prosperity.

The PPO responded to CIVIL’s questions in regards to the role of Orce Kamcev in the “Racket” case, prompted by the column Why Orce Kamcev is not held responsible for giving a reward?, in the section OPINION, from September 28, 2019 of CIVIL Media.

“The procedure (in the Racket case) continues in the direction of providing evidence and determining which person handed over the documents to the accused journalist, and if this person is identified, a criminal procedure will be initiated against this person as well”, informed the PPO.


The “Economist” Summit once again showed in what kind of pigpen we’ve been for 11 years. Really, what a sharp contrast! Until yesterday we had a president that appeared at interviews with a face that distorted his face, threatening Germany and Europe. We had a prime minister who threatened to boot senior European representatives and used to send the US ambassador home. We had a president of a parliamentary committee for inter-community relations that called for “night of long knives” … A mayor who was going to repair the clock on the Museum of the City of Skopje (train station before the Earthquake) … let’s keep the good mood, and stop further numbering, writes Xhabir Deralla.

Biljana Jordanovska

Translation: Natasa Cvetkovska



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