ACTION Naumoski: With “Culture in the time of the corona” we managed to pay 200 people in the first moments of the corona crisis

Nikola Naumoski from the City of Skopje at the panel discussion “Society in a pandemic, performing arts on the brink of survival” organized by CIVIL said that the whole crisis with the corona was severe, the Government made changes to be able to reallocate funds to cultural institutions.

“Culture in the time of the Corona did not distribute the money to those who participated, but to those who were unemployed, the musicians played in solidarity and performed for their members.

And so we managed to organize over 50 events in eight Skopje municipalities, we paid 200 people in the first moments of the Corona, we managed to find a solution for these people.

The reason why the City did it, and not the state, is due to the process of decentralization, because the local self-government in its competencies is set so, that its reason is to be a direct communicator with the citizens.

It is really unfair for an employed artist in these institutions to receive a full salary, then receive an increase in the last months after the corona crisis began, and some unemployed like Trajko to receive a minimum salary from the City of Skopje.

I also understand the administrative obstacles, the trade unions in culture are important, if you do not have anyone to defend the conditions of the crisis. They need to have an association to negotiate with the Government, I think it was not done in time to create an association for the interests of artists.

“In the long run, what we are doing is investing in three new stages for artists that will be built in the city in the spring and will serve for various artists to organize concerts in the park, it is an investment in the culture of our children,” said Naumoski.

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