OPINION Nationalism: Wallowing in the mud and eating political slops (part 2)

It should be sealed once and for all: They are not patriots. They have no patriotism in them, because the criminal gang knows only about national-chauvinism and uses it to defend itself from justice.


(continuation from Part 1)

At first glance, in the political and public discourse, different concepts clash in regards to policy-making and carrying out policies in the country, in terms of the economy, social issues, international relations… Actually, it’s a clash between national chauvinism and crime on the one hand, and the progressive, pro-European and multicultural concept “One society for all” if you wish. 

That concept, “One society for all”, is an attainment of the progressive forces in the country and one that emerged from the streets where tens of thousands of people marched every day for months in order to take down the criminal regime. The criminal regime produced violence and divisions, and in order to maintain them, it created anti-Western values and policies. It is rather clear up to here. 

The plot begins with the national chauvinism that was opposed by the anti-nationalist strategy of the first post-regime government, and which continued in the second term. That is the most progressive, but at the same time also weakest point of the official policies of North Macedonia, as the potential developed by the nationalist matrix of the regime is enormous. And that is the most fiercely criticized part of the government policies, though not always directly, for the purpose of hiding the nationalist and anti-Western nature of the propaganda. 

If “One society for all” has become a government strategy, it does not immediately mean that it is harmful or unwanted (on the contrary), but that it could be a chance to start living normally, with dignity. Certainly, it is an obligation for us to fiercely criticize if someone tries to turn that concept into “One society for all, but for my party the most”…

From the murmur that the nationalist scums are making, we cannot even manage to properly criticize the wrong policies for implementing the progressive concepts. But there is a solution to this too, all it takes is to distinguish and understand the values and motives of the opposing groups in politics and in society. 

The criminal empire that VMRO-DPMNE’s regime built, in its core nurtures fascism as an ideological base and national chauvinism as a tool for sowing fear and divisions. The positions and reasons why this party cannot remove itself from its destructive matrix are clear. It is also clear that in this party there are progressive elements, therefore the “risk” of modernization and democratization of the Macedonian right-wing is relatively successfully being “treated” with the existence of a far smaller, but compact fascist structure that is falsely presenting itself as leftist. 

It should be sealed once and for all: They are not patriots. They have no patriotism in them, because the criminal gang knows only about national-chauvinism and uses it to defend itself from justice.

Here a provocative question needs to be asked: Why do you think that some will immediately say that this view is not objective and neutral? A sincere reply to this question is easy and can be sobering. A good exercise for the brain cells wrapped in the cobweb of black propaganda…

It is high time to press the alarm button. Few are dealing with the destructive influence of the Russian propaganda in our country and in the region. Nationalist narratives are continuously infiltrating in the public and becoming part of the daily lives of people. Media that until yesterday swam in millions stolen from the citizens, have established a false balance of the type “five minutes for the Jews, but also five minutes for Hitler”. By this, they are paying off the “debt” towards the regime and giving space to the criminals and fascists in politics, who are sworn enemies of the European future of North Macedonia. The “progressive” civil society, media, academia and others who are creating the public opinion and have an influence in policy-making, deal quite little or not at all with the models of destructive and nationalist actions of some political parties and their militant and hooligan gangs.

Instead of a conclusion… It is disgraceful when political little puppets take pride in the number of supporters who are illiterate, stupid or violent. There is nothing dignifying in that. Anyone who joins such hysteria, risks becoming illiterate, stupid and violent. 

Translation: N. Cvetkovska

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