Kekenovski: The reconciliation must not be an allusion for amnesty

The current discussion in Parliament on the constitutional amendments has imposed the questions regarding the statement of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his offered hand towards the opposition for reconciliation as to whether the constitutional amendments will be adopted with a two-thirds majority and what can be expected if there are early parliamentary elections.

We spoke with Professor Jove Kekenovski about these issues.

“The fact is that there are pressures on the MPs by one and the other side, but we also heard some dissonant tones of certain MPs through appointees of theirs that do not correspond with the position of the party…this will be a period when obviously there will be more pressure carried out, so everything is an option. I am unpleasantly surprised precisely from the request for reconciliation, but that should not be an allusion that there will be amnesty for the events of March or April 27, or whatever”, stated Kekenovski.

He highlighted that his position is against the Agreement with Greece on the name, and that in no way can it be the basis for changing the Constitution.

“The fact that two-thirds have not given consent for changing the Constitution, clearly shows that one-third cannot influence the adoption of all further procedures…What is even worse is that the referendum was consultative, and not obligatory. According to the Constitution and the law, the referendum should have been mandatory for such an issue. That was just one way of making a concession in case the requirement is not fulfilled. Actually, they said from the very start that regardless of how the consultative referendum will be that the procedure would continue on. That was just an ordinary game for the citizens in order to maintain the format, and not the content”, said Kekenovski.

He considers that if there are elections that all options are open and that the parties that support the boycott, if they go to the elections together, will surely have more success at the upcoming elections.

Biljana Jordanovska

Camera: Аtanas Petrovski

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