DAILY BRIEF January 27: Insults and offensive words between Janeva and Stefanova, fake news, Law on PPO uncertain…

NEWS OF THE DAY: Janeva with offensive words against her former colleague Stefanova

“Sh…head and a whore” were the words with which former Special Prosecutor Katica Janvea addressed her former colleague from the SPO, Prosecutor Lile Stefanova, after which she was immediately removed from the trial on the “Racket” case, reported several media today.

Before the end of today’s testimony by Prosecutor Lile Stefanova, when she put on her coat to leave, Judge Vaska Nikolovska Masevska started warning defendant Janeva not to comment, because she would be removed.

Following the insults made by Janeva, the judge ordered for her to be removed from the courtroom, and while leaving, Janeva came to the journalists, stopped for several seconds and nervously said before crying:

“Because I drove around her cat, that’s why I’m no good”.

FLASH: Clash between justice and Swarovski judiciary

Xhabir Deralla: The reformed judiciary, starting with a new, European law on a public prosecutor’s office, will also mean justice. And that also means prison sentences for those who threw people in ditches, dragged people by the ear to vote, stole, lied and beat. Instead of walking around freely, they will face the full force of the laws.

STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Ivanovska, SCPC, speeches on corruption perceptions and about the newly opened case for Deskoska’s membership in the Venice Commission

In regards to the question on the reason for the country’s drop of 13 places in this year’s ranking of the Corruption Perceptions Index published by Transparency International, and whether it is because of the “Racket” case, Biljana Ivanovska stated, among else, the following for CIVIL MEDIA:

In general, not only for our country, the impression is that there is a high level of political corruption, insufficient transparency in the work of the public sector, insufficient capacity and inefficiency of the control and regulatory bodies.

Regarding the nomination of Minister of Justice Renata Deskoska for member of the Venice Commission, Ivanovska stated for CIVIL MEDIA:

The SCPC has opened a case for this, in order to clarify all issues related to this case. We want to know the following: what are the rules for membership in the Venice Commission, whether it has its own rules, criteria, and on the other hand, what is the procedure for nomination by our country and whether all these procedures have any hindrances with our law: whether it is considered a public function or not, in our country there should be no accumulation of public functions. We have already had a discussion, namely an interview with Minister Deskoska. Furthermore, we have sent a letter to the Government requesting for them to submit us information regarding her nomination, but we will also check the very rules, defined by the Rulebook and the Statute of the Venice Commission, and what they provide for.

POLITICALLY OK CORRAL: Gjorcev with fake news, Law on PPO enters parliamentary procedure, tense trial for “Racket” case…

From the production of fake news, today we outline the post of VMRO-DPMNE MP Vlatko Gjorcev. He posted a year and half old photo on Facebook as if it concerns a current situation.

The suspects in the “Empire” case almost always managed to find out what the SPO was undertaking against them. The prosecutor in charge for this case, Lile Stefanova, who

testified on the “Racket” case, said that the investigators had explained to her that during the searches at suspect Jordan Kamcev, they had been welcomed in a prepared manner.

Stefanova stated that Janeva had never interfered in her work, up until December 2018, when she had requested for a positive opinion to be given for imposing milder measures for the suspects in the “Empire” case.

In regards to questions by the defence of defendant Katica Janeva, Prosecutor Stefanova said that Janeva knew very little about the “Empire” case. She also replied to a question as to who knew that Jordan Kamcev would be searched.

– Information that Jordan Kamcev would be searched did not come out from the SPO, but from outside. New telephones that had just been put to use were found during the search, said Stefanova.

The Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office is entering parliamentary procedure this week, and following the unsuccessful meeting of party working groups on Friday, the public debate that will be organized on Tuesday by the Parliamentary Committee on Political System will be a new attempt for harmonizing the views. Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski yesterday announced that the La on Public Prosecutor’s Office will be submitted to the Parliament very soon, and called on the political parties to support it.


CIVIL is intensively continuing with its activities on the ground. Following the successful seminar in Gostivar, CIVIL is organizing a seminar for the South-Eastern region that will be held on February 8, in Strumica, Hotel Esperanto. Application form for participation in regional seminar “Civic Lenses” in Strumica

Citizens from the municipalities of Strumica, Vasilevo, Bosilevo, Novo Selo, Konce, Valandovo, Dojran, Bogdanci and Gevgelia have the right to participate in the seminar in Strumica.


“We don’t have much time for the only proper reaction: ‘Honeyland’ film to be banned from showing and any further mentioning, and for the passports of its creators to be revoked so that they cannot return to their homeland, because our nation can no longer absorb their success, or success!”, writes Saso Ordanoski in his column today It’s time for ‘Honeyland’ to be banned!

CIVIL published a short analysis on the motives why, even after an entire year, the process of adopting a new law on public prosecutor’s office is at a dead end. The text titled „So as not to vote on the Law on PPO, VMRO-DPMNE is lying in an “Italian way” that someone else was rigging elections”, among else, also says: “Just for illustration, the elections that the “La Verita” newspaper and Mickoski attack, the ones in 2014 are the most criminal elections in the history of the country, organized and stolen by Gruevski with VMRO-DPMNE. In the midst of those elections, a video appeared with Zagorac Tumbovski, who he himself later claimed for the media that he had given 50.000 euros to Gordana Jankulovska upon Gruevski’s order. SDSM then filed a criminal charge for the money received in cash. This case announced what was to happen afterwards, and culminated with the publishing of SDSM’s audio materials from the wiretapping”.

Angela Petrovska

In cooperation with: Biljana Jordanovska, Маја Ivanovska, Saso Ordanoski, Xhabir Deralla

Translation: N.Cvetkovska

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