INTEGRATION EU Ambassador Geer: No plan B, the goal is North Macedonia to join EU

EU Ambassador David Geer says the goal is North Macedonia to join the EU, adding there is no plan B. Agreeing on negotiating framework and the first intergovernmental conference with the EU, which launches the process of negotiations, are the next steps, he tells MIA.

“Those discussions continue in Brussels and indeed, the Portuguese presidency has made this commitment that it will help and take forward this process. In the meantime, what’s important is that North Macedonia together with Bulgaria continue to engage bilaterally to try to find solutions that are acceptable to both and which will allow the situation to move forward,” says the EU diplomat.

When asked if the inclusion of bilateral disputes in the enlargement process was the EU’s shortcoming and if it were dangerous for history to become membership precondition, Geer notes that the focus should be on two things – North Macedonia and Bulgaria to settle the dispute bilaterally and the country to accelerate reform implementation.

“I’m not going to go into details of what has been discussed. What we need to do is focus on what’s important in this case. Two things are really needed – one, Republic of North Macedonia and Bulgaria continue to engage to resolve this issues bilaterally. Secondly, in the meantime, the government here continues to implement and accelerate the reform process,” Geer tells MIA.

The Ambassador says it is important because it is in the interest of the citizens and because implementation of the EU-related reforms are the fastest way to join the bloc.

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