ANNIVERSARIES Eighteen years loud and proud!

It is a different kind of organization, one that is uncompromising and persistent, always together with the citizens of Republic of Macedonia. A loud organization that never withdraws from pressures and threats. And while many got caught up in bureaucracy and have been bluffing for years, got stuck in party webs and labyrinths, this organization proved that freedom and democracy are conquered every day and independently, with dedicated, sincere and tireless work.

The efforts for democracy, justice, freedom and equality, for human rights and freedoms – are not empty slogans and key words in projects that make money. Human rights and freedoms are a true life and moral determination and an aspiration for the people who work in this organization.

Without being in the search for awards, medals and recognitions – the people of this organization are on the streets of Macedonian towns and villages every day, they are present in the public every day through their reports on the situation of human rights, on real life, on the fates of thousands of people.

There are no majorities and there are no misrepresentations in this organization. Strong and independent individuals who together form a rainbow of diversities, ethnic, religious, gender, social…Such as Macedonia. Gathered in one place, all those who would rather first do something for society than for themselves. People who often have to be reminded that it is enough with work, that they must not exhaust themselves so much, every day, even on holidays and weekends.

Yes, that is CIVIL – Center for Freedom. It is not a structure, it is people with a big heart and hard-working hands. CIVIL is not a working position, but rather work and effort, determination, way of thinking, way of life, sacrificing comfort and personal interest in order to achieve a higher goal. At the same time, CIVIL is a place for learning, creativity, sharing and debate.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is turning 18 years today. On this day, November 25, 1999, CIVIL’s Founding Assembly was held in Skopje. The organization was founded by several independent intellectuals, artists and journalists, with the aim to advocate and defend human rights and freedoms. Active since 2005, already with several successful joint projects until then, they decided to create a different organization, one close to the citizens. They succeeded, thanks to to the trust and support of thousands of citizens throughout the entire country and broader.

Through hundred projects and many more actions, analyses and reports, announcements and appeals, international campaigns, thousands of public events and presentations, creative workshops, schools, seminars…A media and civic resource for society.

The entire time – loud and proud. CIVIL!

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