ACTION Deralla: CIVIL’s media platform is shared by the entire civil society

“Civil Society Day”, which was organized by Civica Mobilitas and held outdoors, with maximum compliance to the Covid-19 measures, was an excellent opportunity for promotion of civil society organizations, but also their mutual acquaintance, and even cooperation.


Despite the pandemic, civil society, nevertheless, has not weakened, but on the contrary, it has become even more active in the direction of promoting and encouraging the strengthening of public awareness and active citizen participation in all areas of society.

CIVIL, with its presence encouraged representatives of civil society organizations to speak out on topics related to their key successes, but also plans for the future, as well as topics that at this given moment are exceptionally important in the social and political discourse. CIVIL’s team spoke with the participants on the topics European perspectives, antinationalism, united in diversity…

On “Civil Society Day”, organized by Civica Mobilitas, more than 70 organizations and initiatives took part. “On this day, exactly from this location, CIVIL as an organization that has been developing a complex media platform for a decade now, pointed out to our colleagues, friends from the civil sector, that this platform is theirs. It is our joint media platform where all content they consider can find a place in the public, can be published. Every announcement, opinion, comment or question in relation to their projects and interests, all that is material that can find a place on our media platform every day”, stated Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL.

With a rich program and with the participation of the Ambassador of Switzerland, Sybille Suter Tejada and Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska, on Civil Society Day, civil society organizations showed consistency and were an example of how maximum respect and application of Covid-19 safety measures are possible even during such events.

Biljana Jordanovska

camera: Dehran Muratov
editing: Arian Mehmeti

translation: N. Cvetkovska

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