JUSTICE Deputy PM Nikolovski: Fight against corruption a top priority

There comes a time when the institutions, which have been ruined for years, should get into a transformation process and become fully functional to provide services for the citizens, Ljupcho Nikolovski, Deputy PM in charge of fight against corruption and crime, sustainable development and human resources, has said.

In an interview with Alsat-M TV’s Economic Magazine show, Nikolovski said that through his ‘coordination’ role he has been establishing a practice of regular and ongoing support of the institutions tasked with fighting corruption, which so far might have had weak or no communication at all.

Coordination and cooperation, he noted, of all relevant institutions will be significantly boosted so as to also boost the fight against corruption and crime.

According to the Deputy PM, some of the priorities in the coming period include cutting discretion rights, benefits and privileges office holders are entitled to, changes to criminal legislation and cutting unproductive expenditures.

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