SOCIETY “Day of CSOs” organized by Civica Mobilitas this year in line with the contribution of civil society organizations in the fight against Covid-19

With creative workshops and over thirty events today in the city park in Skopje on the occasion of the “Day of Civil Society Organizations” organized by Civica Mobilitas, visitors had the opportunity to be informed about these civil society organizations and their activities, to articulate ideas and plan joint social actions.

The program of the festival is diverse. This year it was aimed at the contribution that civil society organizations have made in the fight against Covid-19.

The festival coincides with International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, so several organizations are organizing a collection of food items and clothing to be donated.

The environment and climate change were represented through presentations and quizzes this time, and part of the organizations dedicated their events to health through a presentation for breast self-examination, HIV testing, to activities for protection of mental health and art therapy. “Pedala” organized an educational workshop on the basics of bicycle maintenance, and together with the participants worked on repairing a bicycle which will be donated.

According to the Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska, who today participated in the debate at the festival, civil society organizations remain a strong partner of the Government in making all important decisions. That, as she said, was the same in the past period when measures were taken to deal with the health, social and economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

Civil society organizations and partners quickly reorganized with the onset of the pandemic. Throughout the past period, we had successful coordination with civil society organizations and inspectorates, which contributed to the protection of jobs. The government has shown that it is taking measures to protect the health of citizens. There is a balance between the protection of health and the flow of other processes such as the economy, education and other processes, said Carovska.

The Minister called on civil society organizations to be involved in creating and supporting the reform processes for quality education.

The Ambassador of Switzerland, Sibil Suter Tejada, also addressed the festival today, pointing out that this year the festival is in line with the contribution that civil society organizations have made in the fight against Covid-19 and it is very important to show solidarity.

-This year the festival is dedicated to marking the contribution of civil society organizations in the fight against Covid-19, also to remember all those who lost their lives to the coronavirus but also to show that civil society organizations will continue their regular work and will adhere to the priorities of their programs, said the ambassador.

She added that the annual Civica Mobilitis Festival brings together a record 86 civil society organizations, and with such a large number it appears that it is possible to comply with security measures while showcasing the work and activities of civil society organizations.

The most important thing, according to her, is that it is possible for civil society organizations to communicate directly with citizens, expand their membership, and increase support for their work.

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