DAILY BRIEF Daily Brief: Support to health sector, zero tolerance for violence against women, SCPS “overwhelmed” with procedures from citizens …

NEWS OF THE DAY: Support to health sector, economic stability and accelerated growth with the 2021 Budget

The Draft-Budget for 2021 anticipates economic growth of 4.1 percent, budget revenues in the amount of 212,6 billion denars and expenditures of 247,5 billion denars, a budget deficit of 4.9 percent of the GDP, as well as capital investments in the amount of 23 billion denars, announced today at a press conference Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

The 2021 Budget that was adopted by the government and will be submitted to the Parliament, as Zaev said, is for economic stability and accelerated growth with long-term fiscal consolidation.

STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Shahpaska: Zero tolerance for violence against women and domestic violence is our main priority


Carovska: When we emphasize differences, let’s emphasize them as positive values

Current Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska can boast with a rich portfolio both in politics and in the civil sector. From a civic activist to a most successful minister in the first government structure led by Zoran Zaev, at that time in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, to a leader of a new future of the education in our country.

Luxury cars do not pollute, the consistency of vmro people, government for national salvation with Nakje, Rashela and other geniuses…

Apasiev’s instigating post triggers a desire for a “second half of April 27”


Music artists supported the campaign “IwearAmask”.  Vlatko Stefanovski, Nikola Perevski, Karolina Goceva, Tamara Todevska and Ruzica Miloseska Brcioska through a video message say that wearing a mask means soon opening of concert halls, entertaining fans, but also personal care and being responsible for the health of others, announced the Ministry of Health.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Kumanovo, Maksim Dimitrievski, announced that the funds intended for organizing the holiday concert, on the occasion of Liberation Day of Kumanovo – November 11, the fireworks and New Year decoration of the city will be reallocated for providing and procurement of tablets and other electronic equipment, which will be used for online teaching of students.

Exceptions to the measure for banning grouping of more than four persons in public space.

The Ministry of Environment informs that the draft amendment to the Law on Misdemeanours was adopted yesterday at a government session, which anticipates 20 times higher fines for polluting the environment.

The SCPC “overwhelmed” with procedures from citizens who demand salvation for various court proceedings, disputes, denationalization, job announcements, with one word, the non-functioning of other institutions in the country.

The parliamentary group of  SDSM yesterday in a procedure submitted the Draft-Law on amending the Law on Labour Relations, which anticipates mandatory retirement at the age of 64 or 15 years of work.

Less non-compliance to health protocols has been noted by the inspection services in the past week, which according to the President of the Inspection Council, Magdalena Filipovska-Graskoska, is probably due to the increased competencies of the inspectors.

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translation: N. Cvetkovska


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