SOCIETY Carovska: Working to create model of education based on international experience

Education Minister Mila Carovska held Monday an online meeting with representatives of the ministries of education of Estonia and Georgia, UNICEF representative to North Macedonia Patrizia di Giovanni, as well as UNICEF representatives of regional offices.

Participants in the meeting shared Georgian and Estonian experiences on reform processes in primary education and a model of using teaching materials, the Ministry of Education and Science said in a press release.

“The Minister told participants in the meeting that based on international experience we’ll create a new Macedonian primary education system that will give results both at home and abroad. However, the key point is that it will teach children to critically reflect and make decisions. The education system will be improved based on facts and arguments obtained from the 2021 national testing, graduation exam results, grades at the end of the school year, as well as opinions from the students, parents and teachers,” the press release reads.

The working group in charge of developing a new concept of the primary education has sent a survey questionnaire to all teachers in order to identify their views and what is lacking in education. The questionnaire will also be forwarded to parents and students.  

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