DEATH THREATS Apasiev’s “Firing squad” is threatening

After the leader of Levica (The Left), Dimitar Apasiev, had complained that he had received threats, Marijan Kamilovski on his Facebook profile, with a gun in his hand is threatening that “Apasiev is not alone”:

“I most politely ask you not to threaten Apasiev and his family… The man is not alone and the public is with him… Don’t make us come out you communist m***** f******…..

Otherwise, Kamilovski is a member of the Macedonian People’s Party and a supporter of “I Boycott”, and his post has been shared by three people, of which one is some Vlatko Ute who writes: “A civil war is brewing in America. It seems something is brewing here as well”.

Jordan Stojanovski comments: “F*** you spoiled communist! Only the sword for them!”

Below these two posts with the same message there are several comments, with Kamilovski bragging that he “shoots good” and that the photo is from the sport shooting club “Kale”. He adds that, although a “rightist”, he won’t allow anyone to threaten “leftist Apasiev” because they have same national standpoints and interests.

Several days ago, Xhabir Deralla publically posed several “Questions to Apasiev about how he thinks to carry out the shooting”, and among the questions are:

Who exactly do you have the intention to shoot, and in which way?

What are the accusations under which you will shoot people and who, and in what procedure, made those decisions?

Does your court also suggest the possibility for an appeal, and in what timeframe, under what conditions?

Do you plan to shoot with rifles, guns or automatic weapons?

Are there people in your party who are armed?

If there are people in your party who are armed, please answer us the following question: what type of weapons do they have and do they have a license to own a firearm?

So far, Apasiev has not replied to the publically posed questions, but obviously has a “firing squad” that is ready and trained to shoot at those who will oppose him!

Having in consideration the seriousness of the threats, the Editorial Office decided not to reveal the identity of the authors of this and some of the other articles that we are publishing during this period. At the same time, CIVIL is calling on the authorities to immediately take legal measures to prevent the violence that certain groups and individuals are threatening.

The Editorial Office

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