MONITORING Agatangel with a “Christian” call for a boycott

The Macedonian Orthodox Church, Vardar eparchy led by Bishop Agatangel, on the occasion of the celebration of Mala Bogorodica (The Birth of the Virgin Mary), was handing out for two days promotional flyers against the changing of the name. These materials had also been distributed to houses near the Church of Saint Mother of God in Veles.

As CIVIL’s long-term observer reports, yesterday the fan group “Gemidzii” had been handing out the same flyers on the streets of Veles. Today, according to information, the “Gemidzii” are expected to hand out the same material at the football match between Borec and Kozhuv, starting at 3.30 pm, with the purpose of convincing those present at the match to boycott the referendum.

Team for analyses and coordination of CIVIL


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